Who did invent a geodesic construction and for what?


Bakminstr Fuller is a philosopher, a mathematician, engineer, historian and poet, invented and patented a geodesic dome in 1951. Foreseeing a build boom, and by reason of multiplying population of earth he invented exhaustion of earthly resources the way of achieving most results, with the least expenses of labour and materials. He also paid the special attention to failings and problems of traditional building as compared to of genius durability and simplicity of constructions of natural origin. Burning up the idea of creation of construction similar natural, he began experiments in area of spherics in 1940!
Today geodesic domes are acknowledged the most practical build systems known us.

Why do geodesic constructions save energy, expended on heating and cooling?

An answer is again covered in the form of geodesic construction. What less general area of external surface (walls and roof), the higher than KPD of energozatrat on control of climate in an apartment. External area of dome almost on the third less, than at a parallelepiped with the same dwelling-place. Area of surface subject to influencing of environment has far more influence not power efficiency, what quality of putty in stitches, and thickness of walls. To building foundation mainly depend not on the area of floor and ot length of perimeter. Dome with the less proportions of perimeter to the area, what  house will be lost by a less warm through foundation. Effective ventilation into such dome is only instrumental in yet greater effectiveness of costs on heating and conditioning;

Individual projects.

We work with architects, experts in planning of domes constructions. If you are interested in development of individual project, send us your sketches, and our architect will offer to you the critical remarks and ideas. you will co-operate with an architect straight. First he will give preliminary drafts on your outlining and ideas. Since you will familiarize with results, a design will be brought to perfection, taking into account your wishes and comments. Executed through the newest possibilities of PC design (CAD) your project will be unsealed, including the plans of erection of foundation, frameworks and partitions.

How many does building of geodesic dome cost?

 However much we wanted to name an exact sum, we however will be able. Since foundation (depth, presence of cellar and т. of d.) and to finishing and details of interior in building too much variables. That we exactly know is a gold rule, that building of square meter of habitation in geodesic domes constructions to treat at least on 20-30% cheaper, than in rectangular houses.

What types of foundations are used for domes?

Type of foundation for your new geodesic domes at home is determined standard factors: type of soil and him fiziko- mechanical properties, depth of the frozen solid, depth of bedding of gruntovykh waters, relief and local build requirements. Our architects dispose this information in full, and after examination of place of the supposed building and examination of soil able to offer acceptable variants. Mainly foundation for a kupol'noy construction differs ot usual only a form and expense of materials (from easing a kupol'noy construction them required on 25% less).

What panoramic mansard?

Panoramic mansard it is the easily set option of dome, which can improve natural illumination and ventilation in your geodesic house. Similarly offering possibility of creation of little small room with a kind on 360 degrees, on the third floor. you can order the different variants of stairs for access in a panoramic mansard. To add a panoramic mansard to the geodesic construction, we levitate overhead part of roof on a height to one meter. Props are formed by five rectangular frames, that allows the use of ordinary windows.

Unique system of fastening of ceilings.

The patent system of support of ceilings for geodesic constructions allows setting of floor of the first floor easily and quickly. A design similarly does the construction of house considerably more durable, while allows to economize a place and allows the free planning. Because for setting of the first floor bearings walls are not required, extraordinary before freedom of planning is achieved.

Recommended roof.

Bituminous tile with a basaltic crumb among the most popular roofings materials, because with her easily to work and looks very attractively. Accessible in the wide assortment of flowers and invoices, and not very much dear. We also offer to our clients the wide choice of such roofings materials as wooden metallic and alyuminevaya tile, or napylenie of roof.

Systems of heating and ventilation.

These systems for domes it is differed little what ot traditional, except for KPD of calculations, where as a rule less power of heater or conditioner is required on 30-40%, what in the fabricated rectangular house. It is not necessary to forget and that a project is foreseen by the passive heating and conditioning, using sun energy. The modern heat-exchange systems for kupol'nykh constructions allow to save on heating due to the additional heating of influx by warm air, abandoning an apartment through flue.

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