Pavilions on wide type


On design an individual order and make collapsible pavilions quickly. For assembling sorting out is not necessary heap of time, therefore can serve the measures of different format.


For the production of framework we use construction steel aluminium. it Can be the detail of framework zinc-plate, or to paint a paint. Colors able choose on RAL to the colour gamut.


Awning is producible in a standard from strong material of PVC, blamed. It is possible to choose a color on palette. Awning can be made from different flowers, or for example with
pictures, inscriptions, logotypes.


Geodesic Pavilions

  • Sizes from 5 up to 40 meters are in a diametee.
  • The shells of progressive design will open before Your client new unique possibilities on placing of advertising.
  • Come into notice; Geodesic Domes naturally come into notice and placed in a spotlight any measure.
  • Spacious internal space without every columns of limiting a panoramic kind and flight of Your fantasy!
  • Will light up night a cheerful light show! COVERAGE of Dome transparent so that it will allow you to look after projections, both outside and from inside.
  • A holiday will be spoilt by no changes of weather! Geodesic Domes are steady, both to the rains of thundershowers and to extreme winds and the masses of snows!
  • Geodesic framework will survive not only sound and lights technics but also air acrobats.
  • Exteriority of Dome ideally befits for placing of logotypes of companies, or advertising of their products.



Shells of Our Domes made from different materials, depending on a necessity and desire of buyer. Materials are used by Us at making of shells heat-resistant and lasting. Great choice of colour gamut.


For measures on fresh air:
Our offered EventLite a shell for street is easy and ideal for digital projections. Transparency of the offered material is such, that allows to see projections, both from nutri and with naruzhi. Material of EventVinyl lasting and ideal for long-term projects


For a measures in the closed apartments:
For measures in the closed apartments:
Offered by Us COVERAGE from elastic fabric of Lykros perfectly befits for conducting of measures in the closed apartments. Ideal for projections and "game" with light. Unique svetopropusknye possibilities of fabric of Lykros allow images to be visible from both sides, both from inside and outside.


Daily projections:
For daily projections we offer shells from fabric of BlackoutVinyl - for a street theater or presentation and fabric of EventVinyl for a theater in the closed apartment.


Advertising and logotypes:
Outside of Dome especially prosmatrivaema and especially befits for placing of advertising or logotypes. Gravitoniuwill project and will make graphic arts and inscriptions Your clients. Easily glued on and also the easily deleted stickers of publicities, will transform Dome in an unique publicity instrument! We can undertake all dizayrerskie works of Your client.


Windows, panoramic windows, doors:
Domes of client can made, with panoramic windows, with round, and also oval doors.


ะกonnection of Domes :

A few Domes can be united between itself in an unique module complex! Our specialists are perfectly prepared on assembling of Domes and prepared for the measures of any scale.

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