We build dwelling-houses

Building works execute in any point of the world

Out-of-town building collects turns from year to year. But a problem consists in that, that this market offers nothing new. Projects the same remind about the pas, and even before last age. Someone builds from a brick and reinforced concrete, someone from the squared beam and boards, someone erects frames. But regardless of material a summer residence or out-of-town house does not offer any ecological and ergonomics which is conditioned nature.

A geodesic dome does not need bearings walls for support of ceiling, because of that variants of decision of interior in domes space practically not to consider. Features of distribution of light and sound, ergonomics dignities, untraditional for dwelling vaults, reminding the ideas of temples, fresh in the design of all elements of interior and, certainly, energy economical also promote the value of house-dome. It is of undoubted interest and original appearance of such structure - a shell-dome is easily written into any landscape, not violating his harmony. Character of partition of loads on the shell of dome allows to withdraw to 50% three-cornered plates from his supporting ring. The unbearings openings can be used for installation of framing of apertures of doors and windows, and also platforms, verandahs, including glazed, so-called winter gardens.

Despite traditional logic our houses in standard acquisition maintain loadings of snows to 700 kilogram on a square meter, and wind to 250 kilometres per a hour.

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