Industrial and commercial buildings

Industrial and commercial buildings

We design, make and build the constructions of different destiny and descriptions. By a single element, without columns and props to 3000м2. Our constructions can be used for covering of, productions and industrial apartments of auctions of many type. Hi-tech building in complete accordance with modern requirement of design, to technologies and  perceptible economical effect.

Industrial building

  • Angaras
  • Storages
  • Industrial places
  • Covered stadiums
  • Roofs
  • Stock-raising complexes
  • Hotels
  • Office

Variants of type of bearing framework:

  • Threw
  • Fiberglass
  • Aluminium

Variants of facade materials:

  • Flowed, red-hot glass
  • Composite flag
  • Tekstolit
  • Tin
  • Other materials of facades

In obedience to the requirements of customer and in accordance with a legal build base design constructions.

Types of framework

Geometrical frequency

Fashion ReLady